Monday, August 23, 2010


Time Flying ...

students not realizing...

left 14days to strive with them...

Today TIME passing again, but i stil waste my TIME tantrum of temper..

tell me, what the matter..???

u cant always rely on people feeding you in full spoon of spatula..

i try all the method..

but u remained collected to make me in fluster..

what wrong?? am i too over stressed u? giving u a dig but never give u a hoe..or u jz want fish but dun want to learn hw to fish..??

14 days OVER...

after that, BYGONEs shd be BYGONEs.. i still PRETTY PHONG... and u ll forget me.. jz as most of my students..

OVER.. flipping through the remembrance.. i never hoping that u ll remember me, i jz hope that u bound for the correct path.. make ur life easy.

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