Thursday, October 9, 2014

dekat di mata, jauh di hati

i m teaching this guy nearly nine months..i talked to him personnel today. I asked him for his problems and attitude, why never passed up any homework from beginning until now..

his answer made me in moody, although i knew this the answer i will get. No shocking, still tolerate n fully understanding

his answer was he totally dun understanding my teaching method, what he learned is from tuition teacher. Fine, actually when come to this situation, i need to ask myself, what can i do for this guy? If he is smart n sure can score in high marks, i acceptable, but whereas he only in the breaking point.

Hence, may i know where should i stop if the signal asking me to haul
thus, if you only playing in your own mind, then i should choose to surrender,
these the dilemma of students nowadays , tuition is payable, but school is FOC

guys, i surrender again to my profession, my tolerate is limited for your ego

hopefully you will get what you hope

from your BM teacher 

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