Friday, March 18, 2011 jolt

while the earthquake leaving a tremendous crackle in Japanese heart

we are having a relaxing moment in our heart

honestly, i jz need a little bit crazy

walao..auntie and kids ..i aint photogénique .really in awful

but i like their smiley face..can see chia wei energetic face, so attractive. ( haha..let me remind my younger time, i like sporting too)

i went to school this morning, and i came across my favorite teacher(TPS)..yeah, maybe u cant recall me, but u are really the one always in my heart. FATE, your kid, LZM is my student, even i m his form teacher. the earth is round. BUT really annoying, i know i wont stay in this school until the end of 2011. I keep appealing transfer to other school. i know i shd report to this school again after this holiday..but..i believe i will get it b4 JUN. right? my 2011' students, i really like you all..even for my beloved teacher sake, i consider stay back. but once i make up my mind, i have never been changed. anyhow..i like to be yours teacher.

noob chia wei, believe me..

u really NOOB..haha, rmb our appointment, badminton LOL..see u

this year, i learn how to give love and take love..thx

again, i will forget my tremor experience in last year..FORGET forever

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