Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Semester

new schooling is started
this year, a bit relaxing for me
due to quite a number of teachers are posted, my tasks are releasing
well, perhaps they knew that i m waiting for my borning star

Hiak, hiak, this yr a bit warmness
my cutie students are tiger, tigeress
well, this my 3rd yr teaching f1 bm in jit sin
hmm, i hope this my LAST LAST LAST YEAR too

nice to meet my cutie students
its like unity
well, u ll noe the reason why i say rite this, ??

2011..will be a marvellous year
seems some of the students are familiar,
well..even 2 of them are whole life vegetarian diet
hiak, nice, that why i felt familiar to those faces

2010.. well..still in my memory
for those my past lovely stu
believe me, u ll always in my mind forever
u noe.. rite..
kambatei, strive for ur study a guardian will lighten a candle for u
anythg happen..u ll always my beloved babie

2011..yeap, yeap, i promise to u all ..rite


only fun will be
only love will hate
sure, believe me
crossed my finger


江佳恬 said...

What's a new teaching method, no scolding no grumbling... I go to sit in your class during you teaching. My sincerely teacher, can hor. aiyarrr... I miss you ~

BM Class said...

kah tian arr
i also miss u
time flies
dunoe whether still be stayed in jit sin or not..
but hor
u always in my memory