Saturday, August 21, 2010

IN 2010 remembrance..last Greeting

Final Year Exam is around the corner. SOON. 23-27/08(5days)+ 30/8-3/9(4days)... we ve 2weeks of holidays...after that u come back to school .. left 1 week((20-24/9---is the last week we strike together). After that, 27th, starting your FINAL YEAR exam.

Time flying never to return.This my second year in JIT SIN,.. .. and these also my 2nd batch of students in jitsin. Teaching makes a human furnished of LOVE. Do i really enjoy it? Armed with LOVE contribute my heart of gold to human. I believe, all human are pure. I believe, human is simple minded - we not as complex as what had ppl always proclaimed in news.Human...actually jz need a bit of CARING and LOVE.

We must endeavor to take the correct and middle path of our life. I come across a GSTT(jz new posted who sit beside me). She had proved a success way to students. After SPM- got fully sponsorship from JPA - further study in UNiversity Manchanster in medicine course (every mth got 650 pounds of scolorship).. and now she came back with pride. She got everythg without spending any penny fr her parents.YEAH.. a spunky and vivacious face can i observe fr this teenager. I MISSED everythg. but i jz hope that my students can realized..time really bygone jz in a glimpse. I lamented indeed. If got choice.. my character.. wont be confined to this small scope of career. LASTly, Dream and ambitious made us FLYING..rough out ur planning before u set off.

Lastly, believe me..Time flying never to return... tell yourself "17 i at England XX Uni, 23 finished my degree, 25 finished my master.."..BELIEVE ME.. that the ways i LOST OUT ON my precise adolesent year before.

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