Saturday, April 9, 2011

i m who i m, yet i being changed

hey, when cikgu phong no more teaching bm in js, what will be i m ? i wonder..
my life comes to be a bit messy this year, the main main reason..
i know is because of YOU..never and never say goodbye

yet somehow i lost myself as if i never expected this the predicament i had ever faced
before i transfered to the new school, i always stand by fight together in the front line with all my little babies.
yet...this is the fate, it couldn't be fake
i only can accept it..well, mb..i need a rest and rest.

kerryn, i met this gal yesterday, with a smiley smiley face, its melted my heart again
what a lovely gal
who never and ever appeared with a charming smile that could ever made ppl hardly forget her smile..yes, she little angle the verge of freaking
i could feel i belonged to this world cuz i knew more and more what the meaning of love. can see my blog a bit changes, it adds up with some of my secret gardens
if compared to last year
i dun care what you thought of
really...who cares
i just wanna my heart exposed to the nature of life
no veiling
just pertain to the smiley of life

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