Monday, March 21, 2011

Shed a Tear

again..i have been admitted in hospital for few days ..i was unconscious. that's why i cant reply any sms nor sorry, i didt mean i m haolian.

i dunoe wad happen to my health..since 2002, i was regularly admitted in hospital. even i had been staying at hospital aminah for nearly ...mths.(cant rmb)

i curi curi discharged today..haha...i kept saying im okokok liao..

BUT ..i still blur blur

js' mum reminded me, whether i need to diagnose whether i got lupus erythematosus?

hmm..i always get the positive thinking that i m son of heaven. so many years, i get through all the hinges and lucky star always be with me.

only i m hate.. after i was getting hyper tyhphoid , my eye was swollen and bulking out like frogee..
honestly to say, i never worry. Jz last time when i couldn't walk, my whole body swollen..i really down down down..but after that, i believe..lucky star n heaven always by my side.

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