Saturday, March 12, 2011


..jz finished my retarded tuition..2hr plus..jz repeated and repeated the lesson..
their result still bad, right
ZH failed in his Bm exam, i knew he wont feel well and quite guilty when telling me that he was failed
ZH..dun give up easily///ok, i known u quite well, you can follow, you shd prefer writing essay than tatabahasa, right? as well JACK..cikgu know, but sometime you shd practice more. do more ..right..

bah bao have come this week, yup, i thought she quit already..well, frankly to say that i lost my confidence when got two students fr 2A1 and 2A3 quit from my class..i know, my style a bit tense..i wanted to finish my notes as fast as i can..u know, wanna to prepare my notes, i burnt midnight oil..and twist and twist my mind..but i know ..i ain't acquainted and adapted to most of the students.

during this holiday, i will go to JPN to request my transfer whether can be proceed asap..i waiting for it..i really want go to my new school after this holiday..can i get it?

again and again, only avoiding and silence ..the answer you give me..THE GIFT my last gift to you..perhaps..i m retarded, ps,i love you

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