Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011...1b, 1f, 1g

hey lovely gal and guy;

if u reading my msg, that's mean u follow me.

changing a new teacher, i duwan to ask your feeling

happy or remorse that no more my concern

really...i jz regret, for my weak weak body
by the way, i know this will be the last year i stay in jitsin, saying frankly, i would like to be your teacher, jz teach heartily till the end of 2011.
yes, i wish too ..after i m really happy and loving all of you. regardless u like me or haha..hate me ..( most propably cuz of the homework making u stress lar.)

anyway...dun be too happy with the changing

haha...once mt health is stable, i will be back
catch u all, regardless hw u feel

i like teaching..really..and jitsin students too

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