Wednesday, January 12, 2011


some students will be wondering, why i absent from school ..
even some will be leaping jubilantly

i try to solve it
i try to soothe

jz 2nd weeks
but i attempt to skip from my duty
finding my own life
u wont get it

u r the bring me to ...
u r also the one bring curiosity

one day
u will be realized
shouldn't treat a guardian in this way

what wrongs going on?
what in the penny of your thought?

ICE sky i barely find my star,
i m in summer
but u bring me enter the winter

if want me to leave forever
i will
and only choose the way

2011...i hope my babie still get it for my BM class
if i can
if god bless me
if i still can stand

crossed my finger

i only wanna my life indulged in happiness n serenity
as well
bring happiness to my beloved babie

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