Saturday, September 25, 2010

LAST WORD..good bye for this blog

today i coped with with some stuffs, but i still rushing to school, jz hope that can help my students to solve their problems. I knew they surely get something on theirs nerves ... i tried my best, today is the last striving... i wanna lift my finger to my students...
and perhaps can give them some tips..soothing..and inspired them

jz hope that they have fully confidences facing their exams


when arriving, thousand of expressions flipping on my mind

BUT i knw..they will be happy n clapping their hand .. they were over the moon ( u knw my feeling..jz like doing a merit to them, made ppl happy always my philosophy of life)

AND me...jz like a spoilsport to them, moody whether had drenched their body and me.. the turns ,,, made them under the whether after seeing my presence ..
me.. as a wet blanket

what can i do??? ( i keep asking myself ..enter the class?? if not entering, i being DEMERIT)

haha.. feeling so sorry by that moment to let them feeling disappointed..i wanna bury myself in somewhere

my students, so sorry..made u upset jz becoz of my appearence

i need to repent of my teaching .. i must confess i m afailure teacher

LAST word to my 2010 students...
i apologized for my words if hurt u before and so appreciated if u appreciated me b4

having a whale of time for this final year exam and holiday

this blog will be ended up in memory


and blessing you all get a good result

thx ...for passing by this year

cikgu phong..released burden starting from tonight


no matter u are, u still the cream of the crop... in my remembrance to U




BM Class said...

farewell to this blog till 2011

no more editing and new post


QiаиЧi said...

SiaoKia Cikgu. HAIZ. jkjk.
Always think the bukan-bukan.
Lolx. Weird ! Noob ! Hahha.
Joking 2~

Leenie said...

Awww ♥

CandicE said...

What happened?
My dear teacher... You are the one taught how to write bm esei d ler...

Ch3ryL said...

actually,when i saw u enter 2 the class, i jz felt very happy

Alexander Chang said...

don be so pessimistic... you are thinking of being an angel, but your ego drives u to be a devil...never care for how will people judge on you, be firm and be determined on your principle. You might not be able to touch all people but please don't forget that there are still people who do care of you. We are not the best but we are not the weakest...that's why we are here to learn... SMILE always....
Alexander Chang

Zijing said...

你想要的 我却不能够 给你我全部
我能给的 却又不是你 想要拥有的♥

Me said...
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Me said...

not goodbye so serius la, is see you next time ok

Yu- Tong said...